The Quiet Invasion of the “C” word

Has anyone else noticed how, in the absence of any shock factor now caused by use of the “F” word due to its overuse, authors/writers are choosing to throw in the “C” word more frequently? It’s bad enough that many people seem to believe that regular use of the “F” word gives greater gravitas to […]

A Literary Quote

One that seems as relevant today as it was then…from “The Queen’s Necklace” by Alexandre Dumas… Ah, mon Dieu, sister, have you not learned enough of ministers, during the fourteen years you have passed here, as dauphiness and queen, to know that they are always ignorant of precisely what they ought to know? If only […]

Ernest Scoggins – Character Profile

OK, so this is week four of character profiles and you’ve still not read “Baabaric“, what’s keeping you? It’s very reasonably priced and new authors love the support (and honest reviews too). Anyway, I digress, Ernest Scoggins…the third member of the triumvirate of central characters. Much like Gordon, Ernest is also a sheep farmer but […]

Broken – Character Profile

So, we’ve now met with Mick and Gordon in recent weeks but here’s an unusual character who carries the name of Broken. Broken is an African Grey Parrot who lives on a perch by the bar in the Dog & Duck pub in the centre of Nether-Staining. If you’ve still not been tempted to read […]

Michael Hunt – Character Profile

If reading about Gordon Shepherd last time out didn’t make you feel like you’d like to read “Baabaric“, perhaps you’d be interested in his friend, Michael Hunt, also known as Mick. To say that Mick lives in Nether-Staining is a loose statement as he is without fixed address. He somehow seems to survive by moving […]

Gordon Shepherd – Character Profile

If you’ve read “Baabaric“, I give you thanks (please post an honest review if so – it really helps us new authors), but if you haven’t, I thought it might be fun to highlight a few of the main characters who reside in Nether-Staining… Gordon Shepherd is a rather large man, in waist size certainly, […]

Irritable Vowel Syndrome

In New Zealand, they like to swap their vowel sounds around…”fish and chips” sounds like “fush and chups”, as an example. “Thames” sounds like “Tims”. It’s weird, even coming from the UK where regional dialects can be quite a challenge at times…especially in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. I wonder why a culture can develop such a […]