I bid thee welcome, friend…

Whether you’ve arrived here on purpose or have got lost in the internet, I hope you enjoy your visit. You won’t regret arriving here…especially once you’ve tasted the Priest’s Hole at the Dog & Duck.

Nether-Staining is a fictional village in the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire whose inhabitants feature in the series of novels grouped as “The Annals of Nether-Staining”.

Baabaric Cover 2020new

Baabaric” is written by Graham Johns (me) and is available for Kindle or as a paperback via Amazon.

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The second part, “Stoned“, picks up where “Baabaric” ended and continues the crazy happenings…let the heroics of our fine, upstanding Yorkshire folk begin once more!

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The third instalment, “Pickled“, continues the Annals into new depths of madness as the threat to such a beloved village take on a much darker turn. But heroes do not shy away from such times!

In “Blasphemy“, episode four in the Annals, the crazy goings-on continues, and this time it could be more than is possible for a small Yorkshire village to handle…

Step into a world that is not quite like reality…a world where strange things happen to ordinary folk. A world of comedic science fiction, horror and mystery. And if you dare to take that step, I and all of the residents of Nether-Staining hope you delight in this alternate world. There are some colourful folk who don’t care for outsiders very much…but I’m sure they’ll accept you as one of their own.


And just in case you fancy a non-fiction, biographical account of life in 1920s/30s Nottinghamshire, being a Gunner in the British Merchant Navy during the Second World War or the experience of being a Pantomime Dame (yes, these three really do all go together!) then perhaps try the memoirs of Albert Johns, my grandfather, “Theatre of Life“.



And now for the boring legal stuff…please note that anything relating to Nether-Staining is copyright to the author, Graham Johns…so please don’t reproduce anything you read here without permission. You have my thanks.